Bright Beach Colors

I really wanted to show you guys this shirt because I love it. Both shorts and shirt are from the USA. It's my first outfit for summer I bought for this year and because my mother didn't refuse, it probably means that summer is coming closer and closer!! I can't wait.
I have some great things planned during this season and the only thing that is holding me back is spring. But at this precise moment the sun is shining brightly outside, so I can't complain.

In less than a month I'll be turning 16 years and I already planned my Sweet 16! I'm so much looking forward to my birthdayparty. I can't wait to show you some pics when the room is fully decorated.

This photo is with my sister near the beach. 


Outfit: New clothes from the USA!

Turned into a Texan girl
The Texas Spirit

I'm still sparkling after my week trip to Texas, USA. I visited my sister - who has been there for nearly eight months now - together with my mother. I'm very pleased to tell you that I had a lot of fun during this week! After the exhausting ten hours flight we were finally in Houston and within an hour we already met almost the whole hostfamily of my sister at a birthday party. The days after that, my sister took us to everything she wanted to show us for ages. For example her school, all her friends, Houston itself, another city, the movie theatre, the host family, a lot of restaurants, junkfood-places, Starbucks, Walmart, Randalls and other shopping malls (think: Forever21! Victoria Secret!). It's not that Starbucks is rare in our country, but in the USA they prefer a Starbucks around literally every corner, every street and sometimes even twice. I had an amazing time and I'll never forget this awesome out of Europe, no-school-allowed week. 

Ofcourse, as you know me, I took this opportunity to make lots of photos. My laptop has, without the edit ones, 788 new photos. I know one day these photos and files are going to break him. But, no harm is done yet. What means: the more, the better! 
I'm no entirely sure what I'm going to show you next, but you'll probably notice very soon. 
Have a flawless Saturday!


Outfit / The Perfect Jeans

Hey! It has been a while. A big while I can probably say. I hope to have more time in the summer for my blog, but it has now a lower standard. And because I am so busy and there are happening a lot of great things and I am noticing that I have to rest sometimes, I am sorry to tell you that I cannot guarantee very often posts in the coming period.

Whatsoever, I hope you love this outfit I bought yesterday with my mother in Bataviastad. My jeans is from Levi's and it was a lot of work to find this jeans but it fits perrrrfect! My legs are looking stunningly long in these jeans, especially with my River Island heels. My shirt is from Zara and very classy. You also find some close-ups with beautiful light in my backyard today. I wish it was sunny this more often, because I never get enough of it!
I am doing more work for my hair in ages. I never had the time to style my hair but today's day I just can't live without anymore. 

It was my sissa's birthday yesterday, so as a birthday gift it would be great if you could pass your congratulations and reactions directly to her blog Rockslita

As I am busy, it would be great if you could mail or comment to me how you as a true follower are doing these days. ;)


Photoshoot / At the pool

The second photoshoot, made in Gran Canaria. I love this one so much because it's taken by the pool and we had a beautiful light. I wore my mother's dress, which is a real summer dress and she just never wears it. What means: a new piece of clothes for me! :) I hope you like the outfit too!

I'm noticing things are slamming in my face now that the vacation is almost over. Schoolpaper, testweek, it all came a lot closer while I was laying on the beach!! I have to do so much, but I've got the 'relax-spirit' now in me, and I can't stop. School seems a lot less serious when I'm not in it. I don't want to work for school or do anything at all! I'm not ready for it yet.

But.. fun with my friends isn't thrifting away. I had a lunch with my best friend yesterday and the evening I spend with the most amazing friends in the world. I see them too little :( Tomorrow I'm doing surprises with other awesome friends and it's going to be really funny, I'm sure. Monday I'm still off, and I'll be heading to somewhere in the country for the school paper and Tuesday it's back 2 business. Wish me luck!